Happy New Year Palatinates!
Back in Durham and it feels great!(Tony the Tiger voice) The expected catching up with classmates and teammates about their holidays (excluding the bit about exams, papers, and readings)team-jamaica My holiday included a trip back to Florida for nearly a month. Weather was amazing, had one day where it dipped to about 44 F(6-7 C) other than that the normal 70-75 F. As you can imagine I spent a lot of time outside, more for training to stay in shape for the second half of the season, but also spent a good portion enjoying it with family and friends. Which was needed after long time away from home.

That being said it is go time here back at Durham. BUCS start back up this week, so our teams will be competing today and our team will be playing #2 in our conference, Loughborough.rugby-league Being in the “Driver seat” to finish first in the division puts a big target on our back. Before break we knew we had to create a sense of urgency for our guys to come back in shape so that we could hit the ground rolling. There was no disappointment, the boys came back bigger, stronger, and faster with a hunger for this first game. “One game at a time”. I look forward to reporting the results with you all next week.

Lastly, we have our player profiles going up on our postgraduate website soon, which will provide insight on the experience amongst the scholars currently attending Durham. Furthermore, we are beginning the recruiting trail here in Durham for our next class of Scholars! If you think have what it takes or know someone that does, just reach out and we would gladly talk to them about their future endeavors at Durham!

Bleed Palatinate!