On the 20th of November, the City of Durham gathered in the town centre for a night of entertainment. A couple of friends on the team and myself, being used to not celebrating  Christmas or turning on lights until after Thanksgiving festivities, thought this lighting experience was very interesting but also very pleasing. The activities included a drumline with the drummers dressed as snow elves, followed by music and light/water show, then a reading of The Night Before Christmas, once the story concluded a firework set off and lit the town lights! Fake snow was falling and like little kids we were looking up at the lights and touching the snow. Very fortunate that we were able to experience apart of Christmas season in Durham. The next question as soon as it was over was, what are we doing for Thanksgiving?
With 9 Americans on the American football we decided we should replicate something of a Thanksgiving, so that people do not feel that they are missing out on a tradition they have grown up with. Coming together on a group chat the morning of Thanksgiving (24 Nov 2016) while some of us are in class just planning what to bring, when to make the items, and meet for the dinner. Last minute planning did not hinder the performance. Dinner was an absolute success. Everyone was happy with the outcome, of course people were calling their families at the same time just to share some of the moments. Overall though, everyone felt that we have a small family here and it was nice to be with people whom understand how it is to be miles away from home. I imagine for everyone it was nice to get a break from the busy term time with all the summative and formative assignment due dates creeping around the corner.
Even though everyone on the team has finals and papers soon. I can say the guys on the American Football team are looking forward to this weekend; Stirling Week. Stirling is a team in Scotland whom have not lost a home game in the regular season since they moved up to the Premiere division. Not only is it a chance to visit another country but it is an opportunity to do something that no Durham team has yet to do. In the meantime though, must continue focusing on the studies, hopefully an exciting post awaits us all next week.

Welcome in December!