Buchan Richardson

I’m Buchan. Half Scottish, Half English. Born and raised down south of London. Fortunate enough to have represented both countries at Rugby Union at various age levels and now I captain the team at Durham University! I’m studying for a BA in Geography. Important things to me are family and friends.

A Week In the Life of…me

Monday: The week begins in the gym, early 7am start down at Maiden Castle for a power session. Olympic lifting and a team breakfast catching up on the weekends antics leaves me ready for a full day of lectures up at the Geography department. Three coffees, a lunch out at Flat White (one of Durham’s finest) and a decent bit of work later and I’m back down at the sports centre for training. With only two days until GAMEDAY it’s usually a light session, focusing on set piece and tightening the screws…a trip down to Cambridge this week is usually one of the highlight games of the year. Post training I’m off to a mates house for dinner, they are off on a night out tonight but sacrificing this is part of the job of a student athlete…one beer, a steak and off to bed ready for the next day.

Tuesday: Day two and an ease off the training, only thing on the rugby agenda is team meal at “Spags” at 6pm…this means a lie-in is on the cards until my 11am tutorial and then some time to catch up on dissertation reading and postgraduate applications! After Spags just a chilled evening at home and go to the Marriott Hotel for a sauna and swim to get the body right for tomorrows game. Finish the day with preparing meals for tomorrows away match!

Wednesday: A day heavy with travel…one of the many perks of playing University Sport! All worth it when you get down to Cambridge for the incredible buildings, facilities and sights on display. The game of rugby is a traditional friendly affair and the spectators always get a treat with running rugby on offer. An opportunity to breed younger players for the BUCS games too! A post match meal and social affair with the other team is always welcome and then for the bus journey back a “Tombola” social always happens. Allowing the boys to let their hair down and blow off ssuperrugbyome steam after a busy week.

Thursday: A slow start to Thursday morning is always inevitable…with the Loveshack night from before weighing on the 9am. But in typical Durham style you have to work hard and play hard! No rest for the wicked and I’m in my lecture by 10am. This is followed by a large meal in “Tangos”, the best joint in town with the weekly Nachos instalment with my housemates (a hockey player and a dramatist!). This only provides fuel for a semi productive afternoon before catching up with the rugby boys for the evening flush session!

Friday: It’s a friday…gym…work…training. Just hope the day goes fast enough so I can get to the weekend! Heavy squats in the morning and then a 3 hour training/ analysis session in the evening really takes it out of you! But when it’s over Friday night is a rewarding night in the pub with my Hatfield College mates, but once more got to leave a bit early to get up for Saturday morning gym.

Saturday: Wrestling with Pezza…the ex marine is always the highlight of week (sarcasm). Getting muddy in the rain followed by a dead lift session is worth it knowing that the 11am Durham –> Kings Cross train will take me back to London. Easily nipping home for the weekend I can spend saturday night and afternoon with my mates from home!

Sunday: Family day before heading back to Durham. Big Sunday roast in Fulham before watching the Chelsea game in the afternoon! All in good time for the 6pm train back to Durham and letting the cycle begin…getting ready for Loughborough at Durham City this Wednesday.

If you have the opportunity to play this game of life you need to appreciate every moment. A lot of people don’t appreciate the moment until it’s passed.- Kanye West