fireworks“Remember, remember the 5th of November!” As the bonfire was burning, fireworks ensued in the celebration of “Bonfire Night” or Guy Fawkes. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Guy Fawkes is “the mastermind” behind the failed attempt to blow up the British parliament in 17th century. Bonfire night is and interesting night here at Durham where Grey College makes a huge bonfire and puts on a fireworks show for the students, hence, “Bonfire Night”.

I wish I was able to stay for the whole show but with a 7:30am bus leaving for Loughborough, I needed to get to bed. This is what I’ve been waiting for, as well as, team. We’ve been practicing since the first week of September and finally we get to play our first game. Loughborough is essentially our “Rival” because in terms of BUCS points, Durham and Loughborough usually finish #1 and #2. It felt great to get back on the field again. Flying around, emotions running high, collectively just doing all we can to back our team and win this game. Which we did; we pulled off a nail-biter that ended with a score of 22-19. The beauty of it all comes from the faith and togetherness we had during that tight, stressful moment when the game was close. Next week is our “Homecoming Game” against Nottingham Trent and look to pick up win, in front of our own crowd.

Lastly, let’s not only remember the 5th of November but how about the 9th of November?! The most controversial race in history is finally over with Donald J. Trump the victor. Lots of mixed emotions spread throughout social media for and against this vote. However, this could be a day we look back at in history and go “Wow, how did we let this happen?” or “Donald did a pretty good job.” Either, way the country got to vote and the decision is done. If it’s the former of the two-ways when we look back we can point our aims at Americans not taking voting serious seeing how over fifteen-thousand people whom say they wrote-in, “Harambe”, for POTUS. To my fellow Americans that want to be potential saints, Durham always looking for postgrads!