What’s up Saints,

Hallo-week! This is my favorite time of the year; the air is crisper, the leaves are falling, sport and theatricals are starting, and pumpkin spice is relevant. Now in a rhythm with courses and training, I understand my schedule and can maximize my leisure time.
I probably should talk about the class portion first, since that’s the real reason that the “postgraduate” athletes are here. Courses here at Durham, at least from my perspective are less time consuming, in terms of hours spent in a classroom. However, the reading material is more dense and intensive than that of undergrad. The professors seem to be great though, when it comes to their knowledge of the material and their enthusiasm within the subjects, is even better. Classes have only just begun though, as the year progresses I will keep you guys updated on my teacher impressions.
Now, onto the sport side; Coming from the states we all know the level of intensity and ability we play with, but outside of the varsity athletes the “normies” or plain students aren’t very athletic nor have an interests in athletics. Here, at Durham, they have “College Sport” which is similar to intramurals but on a much larger scale. The colleges have all the sports that the varsity students play but these students compete for the hope to claim the championship for their college. Another big thing to note in Sport in UK, is that all University courses end at noon on Wednesday’s for BUCS sports. BUCS is the UK equivalent of the NCAA. So if you ever questioned how seriously sports are taken here in the UK and Durham that alone should give you an idea.
The most important part and what I’m looking forward to most is Hallo-weekend. We’ve already seen kids running around in their costumes and there are also multiple Oktoberfest activities, as well. Hopefully, their Halloween antics are different than those we partake in the states, but until next week, you guys will have to wait.

Enjoy the Hallo-Weekend,